Snow & Jose’s Georgetown Elopement

Snow and Jose are a very smart couple. They went the non-traditional route and thought, “you know what? Let’s get married today AND do our engagement photos! No one will know!”

…Until I told everyone in a blog! All joking aside, Snow and Jose honestly couldn’t wait to get married. I’ve known Snow for a long time, since she is my go-to hair woman (she works miracles, let me tell you), and she’s ALWAYS taking care of others before herself.

Now, it was my time to finally thank her for always taking care of me. Just photographing her elopement was not enough! I wanted some engagement photos in there as well, since the real reception will be in January.

Thank you Snow and Jose for having me there for your special day! I’m excited to see you two “tie the knot” in January.

Special shoutouts to:
Hair and her own business: Snow Belles Studio

Until next time!

Dannica & Kyle’s Rambling Rose Ranch Reception

Did you get all of that alliteration? 😉

Dannica and Kyle came to me with a unique request: to only photograph a reception…well, kind of.

You see, Dannica and Kyle were actually already married for quiet a while. They did a quick exchange of vows in Dannica’s best friend’s kitchen next to the dining room table. With Kyle in the military and these two being crazy for each other, they just couldn’t wait! (And honestly, what a cute story.)

With their quick exchange, they wanted to do a fun reception for friends and family! With Rambling Rose Ranch as our backdrop, a beautiful sunny day, and A LOT of tequila (like, A LOT), we couldn’t have been more enthused about the photos!

Thank you Dannica and Kyle for being terrific sports in the insanely hot weather.

Special shoutouts to:
Venue: Rambling Rose Ranch
Photo booth: Ramble & Roam Photo Booth

Until next time!