Lilly and Richard’s Romantic Chapel Dulcinea Wedding

I walked in to Chapel Dulcinea’s Veranda room and immediately saw this.

I told Lilly I took a picture of a taxidermy squirrel because I felt like it was important (it was the centerpiece for their table and all). She got so excited and said, “yes! I collect taxidermy and he’s my favorite. He usually has a pair of tiny underwear on his head.”

I’ve done a lot of weddings and cute unique things like this ^ make my job so much fun. Quirky little things made this wedding even more fun, and this couple met at Pinballz in Austin, so they’d know.

Enjoy the gallery and the beautiful venue! Congratulations Lilly and Richard!

Thank you Lilly and Richard for having me capture your wedding! Enjoy your honeymoon!

Special shoutouts to:
Venue: Chapel Dulcinea

Until next time!

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